Lead Paint Removal in Van Vleet, MS

In the past years, lead paints were regularly being used for houses and other building construction purposes. With time, some studies were conducted, which concluded that the lead paints can be awful and injurious to health of kids, pets and adults. Individual intakes lead while breathing; resulting in lead poisoning. Therefore, there are different laws that were introduced according to which contractors were required to take strict safety measures in order to remove it. Two of these important laws include; law act out by an agency called Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which was laid out in the year 2010. This law was mainly planned to prevent infection caused due to lead based paints by an easy testing process that verifies the presence or absence of lead paint. Second, Repair and Painting Rule (RPR), according to which, most house development projects or schemes on houses constructed before the year 1978 were strictly required to follow or take security measures for lead paint removal. In order to do this, contractors are required to spend on various lead protecting materials like, protective clothing, lead paint testing kits, respirators and plastic sheeting. lead paint removal in Van Vleet, MS. This article will bring to your knowledge about what preparations to make and methods to follow for lead paint removal.

Before starting off with the lead paint removal in Van Vleet, MS job, it is essential to move all the accessories, furnishings, fittings and furniture including sofas, beds, carpets, tables and curtains, etc. If moving the stuff is not feasible for you, it's recommended that you cover or wrap them with large sized plastic sheets. Apart from the furniture, you should also cover up the floor of your house and seal it using tapes. You should cover everything in a manner that flakes of the lead paint and dirt do not drop on it; because if it does, it will destroy all your furniture, fittings and furnishing. In addition, if the lead paint removal in Van Vleet, MS process is to be done outside your house also i.e. the garden and backyard area, then it's preferable to cover that also with the plastic sheet. This process should not be undertaken in the garden or backyard, if there is excess air. Small children and women who are expecting are advised to be kept away when this process is being done. As a safety measure, you should put on gears such as safety goggles, gloves, shoe covers and disposable overalls. Moreover, avoid eatable stuffs while you are doing the process of lead paint removal in Van Vleet, MS.

Now coming to the method of removal; your initial approach should be to take all the possible preventive measures to avoid the lead dirt and fumes. The best and the most secure way are to make use of chemical strippers, as these strippers do not produce any lead dirt or fumes. These chemical strippers are applied on the walls using a brush. They are then left for some time to settle down. After they are settled down properly, you will notice that the paint starts to soften, which then leads to formation of little bubbles. As the paint softens, it becomes easier to take out the layers of the paint with the help of a huge knife or brush. After successfully completing the initial step, you will notice that paint is still there in some areas. In order to remove this, make use of alkaline strippers to take out the remaining layers. Method of applying and removing alkaline strippers is same as of chemical strippers. Final step is to clean the strippers and paint with the help of water and detergent. If these steps are followed appropriately removal process will be completed effectively and in less time.


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